What we value, we preserve and protect. This statement is at the core of my professional photography. I seek, through my images, to present the beauty and wonder of creation and thus reveal its inherent value. I want to move those who see my images to see the value in creation, and thus desire to join in the effort to preserve and protect it.  I also love to document the efforts already underway to preserve and protect the natural world.


It is my sincere hope that the passion for plants, animals and landscapes that I have always carried in my heart will be passed on to anyone who looks at my images. I believe my passion for creation was placed in my heart by God himself, and it makes my work as much a calling as it is a vocation.

My Photography

Portrait by Brady Pemper

If you would like to see more of Brady's wonderful photography, simply click on my image, and you'll end up on his website.

About Me

Born in Cuba, Fidel Castro’s revolution forced my family and I to flee to the United States to avoid religious persecution. I ended up growing up in a small Midwestern town with the woods and a river literally in my back yard.


After graduating from college with a degree in Zoology and Ecology, I was off to California to get my photography degree at Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara. I freelanced in architectural photography for over a decade, and the desire to teach brought me back to the Midwest and a full time teaching position in Commercial Photography at Madison College in Wisconsin, where I began taking pictures for local conservation organizations in 2005.


My teaching position allows me to pursue my dream of photographing nature, and using my photography to preserve and protect our precious natural wonders. I now carry on the family tradition of my father, who was a teacher, naturalist, explorer and lover of God.